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Crochet Handy Candy-Striped Basket By Kayleigh

I recently made the Handy Candy-Striped Basket by Emma Friedlander-Collins from Crochet Now magazine. Emma was also the designer of the Pineapple Bath Mat.

This pattern uses the Hooked Ribbon XL yarn, so I used the leftover yarn from the bath mat project (like I said I would). I also used the Lemon Yellow and the Sweet Pink for the main stripes and the Bubblegum for the smaller stripes and the handles. This pattern also works in the round using a magic loop, which is fairly simple when you know how.

I completed this very quickly and any remotely experienced crocheter could do this in an afternoon. It is a very handy basket for odds and ends, yarn, craft supplies or a collection of jars/desk tidies (which is what I did; jar cosy blog post coming soon!). Give this idea a try or (even better) add your own spin on it.



Hoooked Ribbon XL (shade - Sweet Pink, Bubblegum Pink and Lemon Yellow).

(Each colour)1 x 250g (8.8oz/131yds/120m) ball.

Weight category: UK Super Chunky [US 6/Super Bulky/Super Chunky/14-ply].

Tension/gauge: Size 8mm/UK 0 [US L/11] - 10mm/UK 000 [USN/15] hook.

The crochet hook I used was a 12mm.

I would give the Hoooked Ribbon yarn a 3 out of 5 for the following reasons:-

- It was easy to work and worked up quickly;

- There is a large choice of colours available;

- The feel of it was quite soft;

- The cost of yarn is expensive - I paid about £5.95 per 250g ball, but it is usually about £8.50;

- Would I use this yarn again? YES.

May all your crafting wishes come true...


Bobble and Knit - Crochet Kayleigh's Basket Bobble and Knit - Crochet Kayleigh's Basket Bobble and Knit - Crochet Kayleigh's Basket